Since 1983, European Performance has built their reputation on customer satisfaction. Family owned & operated; we are a diverse auto repair facility which specializes solely in European automotive vehicles; that’s ALL we do! Our reputation is built upon many philosophies of what makes a great repair facility: We believe a successful organization should be equipped with up-to-date, state of the art technology. All repairs & services should always be performed at a fair price &  exceptional quality. We use factory (OE) original parts & equipment to keep your vehicle running at top performance. We stock several parts on-site & have access to many major warehouses. We also subscribe to several technical resources to gather information on unusual or problematic vehicles. This includes the latest factory recalls and technical service bulletins. Along with a large library of factory technical manuals and over forty years experience; we would like to show you what customer service & satisfaction can do for you & your vehicle. So the next time you need a specialist you can count on; give us a try!